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Boston Fern

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Boston Ferns


Most commonly used house fern. The Boston Fern is a great greenery to have 9. placed in hanging baskets outside on plant hangers or inside on a plant stand. The Boston Fern does not like dry soil or full sun and can reach maximum heights of up to 5 feet and widths of up to 8 feet. The Boston fern is one of the most popular ferns to most homeowners because it can grow to such maximum size making it loved by many. The Boston fern is often times found in home gardening centers because it does well in homes when other ferns do not. It doesn't seem to matter where Boston ferns are planted, they seem to thrive well.

Zone 8-11

Mature Height 5-10 ft

Mature Width 4-8 ft

Sunlight - partial sun to full shade

Soil conditions - moist soil, well drained

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Boston Fern Is A Lovley Fern (02:45)
Boston fern plants for sale online.Buy Boston Ferns online.
  • Boston Fern Is...
    Boston fern plants for sale online.Buy Boston Ferns online.

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