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Freezing pecans or walnuts

Freezing pecans or walnuts

Who doesn’t love a good pecan or walnut? Most of us have pecan trees and walnut trees growing in our own backyard or nearby. Many wholesale garden centers and online nurseries specialize in selling pecan trees, walnut trees and much more, but what do you do with all of those nuts when you can’t eat them fast enough? Is there a way to keep them fresh?

Freezing pecans and walnuts are not hard and really is quite simple.           

Because of the high fat content of nuts, they are very susceptible to going rancid, so frankly, you’re nuts if you don’t keep them in the freezer or at least the refrigerator. Light, heat, moisture, and the presence of metal conspire to spoil nuts, so they are best stored in sealed plastic or glass containers in a dark, cool, dry place. The freezer is ideal, and doesn’t harm the nuts at all.

Nuts also quickly absorb odors from their surroundings, which is another argument for keeping them in isolation in cold storage.

Shell them and place them in Ziploc freezer bags, then put those bags inside a large paper grocery bag.   Keep them frozen until ready to use.


You can put them in shelled or unshelled or put the unshelled ones in a burlap bag and just close up sitting it in the deep freeze. Make sure the nuts are completely dry, and free of moisture before freezing them, to try to prevent freezer burn/frost from accumulating.

Freezing pecans or walnuts