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How to get rid of a yellow jackets nest

How to get rid of a yellow jackets nest

The surest and easiest way to control yellow jackets is to find and eliminate the nest in the tree or gutter it is at. Of course, this can be easier said than done. The nest can be well hidden inside a dense bush or buried in the ground with only a small, hard-to-see entrance hole, or located deep inside a wall, or way high in a tree. A nest can be hundreds of feet from where the yellow jackets are bothering people. These bee’s are attracted to sweet smells of flowers and food and there can be more than one yellow jacket nest causing problems in a backyard or public area. Sometimes a nest is found when someone disturbs it and gets stung. More often, though, there is a problem with yellow jackets foraging for food in an area--a backyard patio or an outdoor restaurant--and you're asked to get rid of them. Not an easy task.Once you know how to track the yellow jackets, you can often follow them to the nest. They all tend to leave and enter the nest on the same flight path going in the same direction. Here are some steps to help you rid your yard of these stinging pests.

1. Wear long pants and sleeves, gloves, and as much protective clothing as possible.                                                                                                        

2. Approach the nest at night.                                                                                                                          

3. Walk slowly so you don’t disturb the wasp

4. Spray openings where wasps enter and exit.

5. Spray the entire nest to your heart’s content                                                                            

6. Knock the nest down with a broom or long stick, after 24 hours.                                          

7. Place in a trash bag and say goodbye

How to get rid of a yellow jackets nest

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