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Planting a fruit orchard in a raised garden bed

Planting a fruit orchard in a raised garden bed 

Do you want to plant a fruit orchard in a raised garden bed? Well I have a few tips for you that may improve the way you grow your fruit trees. The first step you need to start out by doing is choosing which tree or trees you want to plant, meaning if you want a small (dwarf) tree then you only need a small area for it to expand in. If you are planting a medium size (semi-dwarf) tree then you need to plan for the trees to have at least a 15 foot diameter from one end to the other for it to grow appropriately. The semi dwarf trees can grow as big as 16 feet tall at its mature height. However if you wish to be daring and choose a large (standard) tree then you will need a almost double size that the semi-dwarf trees need. For example the standard apple tree can get as big as 30 feet tall at its maximum maturity level of growth. These trees will need at least a pruning on a 2 or 3 day basis if not every day. The depth of your planting can also result in a wrong fruit baring tree. The graft line for the tree must always stay above ground or you may get an unwanted fruit from the tree for example if it’s an apple tree then if the graft line goes below the ground you may result in an apple type like a crab apple. The site www.quick-growing-trees.com has a lot of fruit trees for sale as well as flowering trees and flowering shrubs. These trees grow best when the owner takes care of them and does their homework.

Planting a fruit orchard in a raised garden bed 

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