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Potting Ferns

Potting Ferns 

Ferns are very popular and there is a wide range of beautiful plants. Ferns are grown for their beautiful foliage and their gracefulness. Most of our house ferns are natives of the tropics. Some are a lot hardier than others. Some are easily grown while others are more difficult, but they can be grown if given the right care and potted in the correct soil. Ferns as a general rule want a soil that is acid. A good potting soil is two-thirds oak leaf mold and one-third good loam, with a little sand and a little well rotted fertilizer. Many people prefer a potting soil of one third leaf mold, one-third peat moss and one-third loam, with a little sand and a little well rotted fertilizer. Then there are others that would go the easy route and buy a bagged potting mix.

To pot a fern, choose a clean clay pot, plastic pot, or decorative container for your fern. Anything can be used if it has a drainage hole at the base of the container to remove excess water. Gauge the selection of your container to the size of your plnat and small plants should be in small pots, and larger plant should be in large pots. It is a common misconception that a small plant in a large pot will have room to grow. It is more likely that it will drown in the excess water, which is being held in the soil, this is from experience and many dead ferns to show for it. Find ferns at a gardening nursery.

 Potting Ferns