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Red Sunset Maple Tree


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Red Sunset Maple

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Color your garden red with the Scarlet Red Maple tree, it has been named as the most beautiful and striking selection of Acer Rubrum. The new foliage of these trees is burgundy colored and looks stunning. While the tree matures the foliage turns a purple green in color. The back of the leaves have a different white color that gives a silvery appearance to it. The leaves of the red maple are not too big in size and the texture feels like leather. The Scarlet Red Maple Tree is a fast grower and with the production of more branches the tree expands itself and becomes dense. The Scarlet Red Maple does not have as much attractive color as other red maples as the leaves turn whitish yellow while others turn into purple or orange. The tree is hardy and adapts itself to a number of climatic and soil conditions that make it a popular choice. One can easily grow these trees in gardens and along the streets.


For proper growth of the tree sunlight is very important. If you are planning to grow a Scarlet Red Maple in your garden be ready to hear the bird songs as there are a number of species of song birds that are attracted to this tree. If you want a tree in your garden that gives it a bright appearance and stands out from all others Scarlet Red Maple is the perfect choice. Late summer season is the best season as one is able to see the foliage turn into gorgeous colors of crimson. The showy appearance of these trees in the fall season is what makes them different from other maple types.


Zone: 4-9

Mature Height: 40-60 ft.

Mature Width: 25-45 ft.

Growth/Year: 3 ft.

Sunlight: Full to Partial Sun

Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various soil conditions, drought tolerant

Botanical Name: Acer Rubrum


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