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Sword Fern


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 Sword Fern


The sword fern is a wonderful plant it is also know as a western sword fern. Within the plant it transports nutrients and hormones. The Sword Fern is easy to transplant and move when the fall months come. The plant prefers shade and will grow indoors. The plant grows about 3 feet high. The Sword fern is known for its lovely colors and the way that it can bring attraction and site to any home, yard or office. The Sword fern has fronds that resemble swords so thus giving them their name of being a sword fern. This fern is one of the many that can be used in cooking even though it has a rather bitter sweet taste to it.

Zone 9-11

Mature height - 18 inches - 3 feet

Mature width - 12 inches - 3 feet

Soil type - moist soil to well drained soil

Botanical Name - Polystichum Munitum


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