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Sycamore Tree


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 The Sycamore Tree is very easy to grow and transplanting is not difficult. It can grow up to 130 feet easily and sometimes the old trees have hollow trunks. It has a very large trunk diameter. It has maple shaped leaves which turn brown during fall. Moist soil is the most suited one for the Sycamore Tree. Drier areas may shorten its lifespan. They are great for city conditions like the sidewalk where the oxygen is low in the soil and pH is high. It is not just a shade tree or a street tree but it’s hard, split resistant wood is used in making furniture as well. It is also grown for timber. The Sycamore Trees wide canopy makes it a great shade tree on the street and parks. It has interesting foliage which attracts birds and hence adds to its interest factor.


The American sycamore or western planetree is North America's largest native broadleaf tree and is often planted in yards and parks. It's hybridized cousin, the London planetree, adapts very well to urban living. The "improved" sycamore is New York City's tallest street tree and is the most common tree in Brooklyn, New York




Zone - 3-9

Mature Height: 70 ft.

Mature Width: 50 ft.

Growth/Year: 6 ft.

Sunlight: Full to Partial Sun

Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various soils, drought tolerant

Botanical Name: Platanus Occidentalis

Botanical Name: Platanus Occadentalis

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