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Red Chokeberry – Photinia pyrifolia Red chokeberry is a native shrub that is commonly found in the Eastern United States. Suitable for Hardiness Zones 4 through 9, red chokeberry grows from six to ten feet high and from three to five feet wide. The plant is easily propagated from seeds, cuttings, or divisions, and has […]

The Green Ash Tree is An Excellent Addition to Any Landscape Green Ash Tree- Fraxinus pennsylvanica The Green Ash Tree is a very popular choice among homeowners and landscapers alike. This tree produces red to purple shades of flowers that usually bloom in April. Even though its blooms are not considered highly ornamental, this tree […]

Evergreen trees are a great tree that will enhance any property Evergreen trees stay green year round, and attract birds and other small wildlife. They not only are good for providing shade and lawn ornamentation, but serve as great property borders. Evergreen trees can also be less expensive than erecting a fence, and they do […]

Garden plants wildflowers many things must be taken into consideration. The types of plants to be grown must be decided. Choosing the best possible spot to have it. The amount of sunlight the area will receive and how it’s impacted by the weather should be known. The type of soil involved is also important. A […]

The purest proficiencies of healing are provided by nature and plants. Subsistence and vitality begin and end with the powers of the Earth. Being such an integral part of the proverbial “circle of life”, there can be nothing but positive results from obtaining the ability to utilize what the planet has already provided. Trees have […]

Top Five Perennials to Plant for Spring Spring is an excellent time to get your perennial in the soil. The cooler temperatures of the season will give them more time to get associated and rooted before the unforgiving heat of the summer season begins to burn bright. If you’re not really sure what the term “perennial” means, […]