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All fern plants are bare root and mature in age and size. These items ships year round.

Advantages of Planting Fern Plants

There is a place in every landscape for exotic plants native to faraway places. There are many more places for plants native to the local area, plants that are well adapted to local environmental stresses. Native plants also are more resistant to insects and diseases common in the local area. Of all native plants, native ferns are highly desirable. Fern plants are available in many different varieties, each of which brings its own qualities to the landscape. Native ferns are tough and undemanding as long as they have enough shade and moisture. Tall fern plants provide a feathery backdrop for other types of plants. Medium sized ferns can form a veritable sea of graceful plants that soften the lines of any landscape where shade is abundant.

Ferns are available in a broad range of types and textures. Ferns with a heavy, coarse texture can stand on their own or provide a backdrop for other ferns that have delicate, feathery fronds. Delicate, low growing ferns provide beautiful complement to flowering plants.

Native ferns are wonderfully versatile and provide interest in the perennial garden. Most ferns barely notice the insects and diseases that can plague other types of plants. Once established, they require very little care. Ferns are very nearly care free yet offer high return in terms of their value in the landscape.

Ferns are a lovely way to add interest to the garden or any landscape area. Many ferns will do well in shady areas and provide wispy, delicate looking foliage to enjoy. Some ferns will grow well in partial sun and are a great addition. These plants are not hard to grow at all. They are quite easy to maintain, but may require some maintenance to keep them looking great at all times. The do interest areas in the landscape that will grow and provide beauty for many years. We guarantee all of our plants when they arrive or replace.