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Ground Covers Plants Helps Prevent Weeds Under Shrubs

Apart from pest control in your home and garden, prevention of intrusive weeds can be a bothersome and time consuming chore. Weed control isn’t new, as even the most seasoned gardener is required to take certain measures against things like dandelions and English ivy. Thankfully, the steps to take against proper weed control are simple enough for even the beginning gardener.

Shrubs just so happen to be one of the more common place for weed growth. Thanks to the shade and trapped moisture that shrubs tend to provide, it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent weeds from growing beneath their natural protection, especially as we get deeper into the hotter months of the year when seeds are aplenty and have long since taken root. Ground covers can be used to help prevent weed growth, even beneath shrubbery and trees.

Black ground covers plants are some of the most common and cost effective ways to prevent weeds. When placed correctly in your yard, even things as wildly grown as English ivy should not be a problem to prevent. These covers work by cutting off the weeds from sunlight, making it hard for them to grow without their natural resources. Since covers can also help prevent new weeds from taking root, whenever a stray seed situates itself upon the soil above the cover, this can also help cut them off from the nutrient rich soil that is meant to help keep all of your other plants healthy and thriving.

Blue periwinkle are known for their misleading appearance. Sprouting pretty, tiny blueish flowers at the beginning of the hotter seasons, periwinkle are definitely one of the more common types of weeds meant to invade the space of your garden and sap off your other plants nutrients. When implemented right, even something as widely grown as this can be prevented, since it will become apparent that if you did not plant it, it was not meant to be there to begin with.

The first step to setting up covers, in order to help prevent overgrowth of weeds in your garden, is to moisten the soil where you would like to place the cover at. Do this so that it is moist, but not to the point of being muddy. Afterwards, dig out all of the weeds you currently have and be sure to use a trowel to get them from the root. At this point, it’s all a matter of covering the area you wish to protect with the black ground covers. If it’s a particular shape, try cutting a piece to separately place there. To place it around things like shrubs and other likable plants, simply cut holes in the covers and place it around them. For an attractive finish, cover the top with four inches of mulch.

Ground Cover Plants are not only necessary plants for a healthy landscape, but they can be so gorgeous. There are so many types of ground covers. Some are very low, short growing plants and some will grow a bit taller. All of them will do wonders in areas where grass won’t grow. These plants can hold their own in the landscape. Phlox makes a wonderful cascade of flowers through rock gardens that are simply breathtaking. Bishops Weed is an excellent ground cover that will look wonderful in a bare area. Hummingbird Vines are beautiful when in bloom. There are many varieties of these plants to choose from.