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The Best Vines to Stop Erosion

Best Vines to Stop Soil Erosion

How vegetation can help to stop soil erosion
Vines are useful in preventing or stopping land erosion. They are good for this purpose for many reasons. Below the surface, their roots grow together and assist in binding the soil, making it more difficult for forces that cause erosion, such a wind or rain, to break the soil apart. Above the surface, the tendrils grow together, with other plants and objects to form an interwoven mat of vegetation that protects the soil, buffering it from direct impact with rain or wind.
Although many plants will also help to stop erosion, the vine offers some advantages that other plants lack. Primarily vines are good at protecting slopes because they grow both vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, most species are invasive; they will grow until they completely fill the area. This makes them useful in large scale projects.
Things to consider
Take precautions when planting near gardens, trees or buildings as some species have been known to damage structures and overwhelm other flora. Before purchasing a vine, it is best to consult a local or Online Nursery as some species are prohibited in certain states.
English Ivy will grow on slopes, gardens, trees and buildings and can reach a height of ninety feet. It is a flowering vine producing greenish yellow flowers from late summer to late autumn. Be aware the berries of the English Ivy are poisonous to humans.
The Vinca Minor, or dwarf Periwinckle will grow to cover the ground, but only climbs vertically to height of sixteen inches. The Vinca Minor produces light purple flowers from early spring to midsummer. This is a hardy, disease resistant, and pesticide resistant vine.
Finding the right vine for you
Many local nurseries have vines for sale that are both adapted for your region and not restricted by state laws due to their invasiveness. An Online Nursery will often have large selections of vines for sale. Keep in mind that not every variety of vine may be available at all times of the year. Furthermore there may be state restriction as to which species may be imported. For details and information, I find that a local nursery can help in making your decision concerning which vine would be best for you.


Vineyard Vines make great additions to any garden or landscape. They not only provide something beautiful to look at during many stages but they also will bear fruit that you can use. The fruit can be made into jams, jellies, preserves or just eaten right off of the vine. There are many different types that can adapt to a wide variety of climates and will be beautiful growing along fences or trellises in your yard.