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Top Quality Plant Packages. All plants are mature in age and size. No license needed to buy from us. Anyone can purchase from us at low grower prices. We ship to all states and to everyone. We package all plants superior for ultimate freshness in transit and ship to all states. We also offer a 1 year guarantee on all plants sold. Quality is guaranteed. We have seed sources for most zones, so don’t worry about us being in Tennessee. We will make sure to send you stock from your planting zone. Buy Plant Packages today!

A Plant Nursery Offers Better Selections of Garden Plants

When starting your garden, don’t settle for half hardy, undernourished plants or time consuming seeds that may or may not grow. A pant nursery offers the plant expertise and healthy, variety of Plant Packages you need to achieve the beautiful, lush fairy garden, woodland garden, butterfly garden, wildflower meadow, grass prairie field, or lush, green border of your dreams.


Explore a colorful array of perennials at your plant nursery, where you’re sure find an exciting variety of sunny colored gardne plants, just perfect for adding a pop of color to your garden or for use as a shade plant. Vibrant species include baby-blue Asters, sun-yellow butterfly weeds, royal-purple carnations, baby-pink fox gloves, lavender-pink Muhly grass, artichoke-green Hens and Chicks and more.


Create a signature look for your yard with a rare species border plant found exclusively your plant nursery. Some rare species of ferns include the Ghost Ghost, Deer, Dicksonia Antarctica, Autumn plant and more.


Create a romantic or tropical theme for your deck, pathway, or trellis with a climbing species from your plant nursery’s large variety of climbing vines. Romantic species include the cascading, blue-lavender Wisteria, whisper-pink climbing roses, and tropical colored trumpets.

Ground Covers

Fill those annoying gaps in your yard or garden with a ground cover plant from your local pant nursery. Experiment with exciting, exotic species such as Candy Stripe Bamboo, Dwarf Palmetto Palm, or Mexican Fan Palm.

Live Moss Plants

Create a mystical backdrop and bring a sense of tranquility to your home and garden with healthy, disease-free live moss purchased from your local plant nursery. Some live moss varieties include cushion moss, fern moss, rock cap moss and more.

Purchasing Plants Online

There are several benefits to buying plants from an online nursery. Purchasing online gives you the opportunity to purchase plants from nurseries located outside your area, for a greater selection of plants to choose from. Online prices may also vary from nursery store prices, which gives you a chance to shop for lower prices. To help ensure you get the best quality plants, only purchase from reputable plant nurseries. Different states have different rules on purchasing exotic plants, so know your state’s laws before purchasing, in order to avoid confiscation.

Plant Packages are a remarkable way to get a good sample of several plants at one time. They are very cost effective and varied. There are several different packages on our website depending on what is desired. We have packages for moss, flowering shrubs, flowering trees, perennials, ferns, and many others that can be ordered. These will provide a variety for the buyer. Purchasing packages is a great way to make sure that all the plants will complement one another. All of our orders are warrantied to be the healthiest plants available and will be ready for planting as soon as they arrive.