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Advantages of Planting Trees

Trees are an excellent addition to any yard or garden. Each type of tree has a unique purpose, and can provide both form and function. In addition, trees are beautiful, and help to support the natural environment of the yard or garden.

Shade trees, such as oak or Chinese elm, are an excellent energy-saver! In the summer, these trees can provide a nice canopy for a breezy spot and in the winter can actually help to keep warm air inside the home. Shade trees can be planted individually or together, depending on the amount of shade or cover desired in the yard. It is best to plant deciduous trees in areas where the heat is the most severe. Evergreen trees are generally thought to be best planted to the north and northwest of the home.

Flowering trees are most lovely when planted in groves. This method is great for the home garden because the trees can be tended to in one quick trip. Flowering tree groupings can add an amazing spectrum of color to a yard or garden. When planting flowering trees, it is important to gauge the size of the hole in which the tree will be planted. A good rule of thumb is that the hole should be two times the length of the tree’s roots, but should not be any deeper than one root-length.

Native trees can be planted nearly anywhere in the yard, depending on the design, and are an excellent source of pest-prevention. These trees are very easy to care for, and require little tending after the first couple of years. Native trees also benefit the naturally-occurring wildlife in the yard, and add to a flourishing, health ecosystem.

Large trees are a great addition to any yard. The most important thing to remember when planting a large tree is that there may be local requirements in your area for planting large trees. For example, there may be a cable or other telecommunication device underneath the soil in the yard. It is also best to check if you need a permit to dig a hole for a large tree, before you start digging.

Shade trees, flowering trees, native trees, and large trees are all great options for a home yard or garden. In addition to providing benefits to the landscape, planting a tree can be a rewarding and fun experience!

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Best Selling Trees on our website includes a variety of trees. Some are fast growers, some are deciduous, some are evergreen and many change color in the fall. There are so many favorites such as the Brandywine Red Maple which makes a bold statement in the fall with the beautiful red foliage it provides. The Kousa Dogwood Tree is another favorite that puts forth a worthy show in spring with its striking white blooms. The Tulip Poplar is a fast growing tree, growing at a rate of 3 feet or more per year reaching a height of 70 feet or more when mature. It also produces a yellowish love bloom. These trees are some of the favorites of our customers.