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Lady Fern

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Lady Fern, Athyrium Felix

The Lady Fern is usually described as the Perennial Forb and herb. This excusive fern is native to the US as well as has its majority of the active growth period is during summer fall and spring. The usual Lady fern boasts green not easily seen foliage plus flowers along with unremarkable seeds and fruits. The leaves of this plant are retrained on the years basis. This plant is caespitose and the fronds are yellow and green in color 5 to 25 cm wide and 20 to 90 cm lengthy. On the inner side of frond Sori appear 1 to 6 for each pinnule. Also they are sheltered by a notably brown to whitish reniform kidney formed indusium. The fronds of Lady Fern are quite dissected and the stripe might bear pale brown long extremely thin scales on bottom. This good looking plant Athyrium filix femina Lady Fern has a very long life as compared to other species of the plant. Also the growth of this plant is moderate. When the plant gets matured the usual Lady Fern reaches to a height of about 3 feet with a maximum length of twenty years of about three feet. When it comes to finding Lady Fern it can be easily found in garden stores nurseries and with majority of the plant distributors and dealers. The plant can be promulgated by Sprigs and Container. Always keep in mind that Lady Fern does not need cold environment for germinating seeds. As well the plant can easily live out exposure to temperature less than -30 degrees F. the plant grows best in shady damp woodland regions and is generally grown for the decoration purpose.

This plant has been known for its graceful leaves. Its stem is yellow-green in color towards the bottom of the fern. The fern is graceful which is being referred to a lady and her grace thus giving it its name the Lady Fern.

Zone 4-9

Mature Height: 1-3 ft.

Mature Width: 1-2.5 ft.

Growth/Year: 1-3 ft.

Sunlight: Partial to Full Shade

Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils

Botanical Name: Athyrium Felix

Ships As: Bareroot Plant 

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