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Red Cedar Tree



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Red Cedar Tree, Juniperus Virginiana

Zone – 2-9

Mature Height: 40-50 ft.

Mature Width: 8-15 ft.

Growth/Year: 2-3 ft.

Sunlight: Full Sun

Soil Conditions: Adaptable to various Soils

Ships As – Bareroot Plant

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The Eastern Red Cedar Tree is native to huge areas of the east of Rocky Mountains. It is a very nice utility tree and can grow as tall as 60 ft. and 15-20 feet broad with age. Eastern Red Cedar Tree holds its dense foliage low at the ground that is extremely helpful for screening. The species usually boasts scale like dark green needles which are present throughout the year though they form a reddish tinge during winters. The Eastern Red Cedar Tree needs full sun for growing tall and generally prefers moist well-draining rich soils. This tree is surprisingly adaptable and even will thrive in poor soils. The Eastern Red Cedar Tree can also be pruned when needed. It is one of the most stunning trees that can be either used as screening property divider or landscape planting.


The Eastern Red Cedar Tree is an excellent tree to use as a windbreaker and it provides food and shelter to birds. This tree has an abundance of uses. It is known as the columnar tree for the landscape planting; however it is excellent for screens and hedges. The wood of this tree is highly valued for its fragrance and rich red color.


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