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Sasafrass Tree

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*Ships Bare Root*

We have seed sources for all zones. We are in Tennessee but we grow plants for all zones. We will make sure to send you stock from your planting zone.

Sasafrass Tree, Albinus

The Albidium Sasafrass tree is a native that’s used in tea for herbal uses. Indians used this tree branch ends for a toothbrush and it is a beautiful exotic native tree that exceeds 25 feet. hardy zone 4-9. Buy sasafrass trees online. The Sasafrass tree has been known for its candy that you can make out of the sap, which has a fruit yet tangy taste to it. Sasafrass has been around for many years and has many herbal uses as well such as helping aid the common stomach ache, diarrhea and burns.

The Sasafrass tree can not only add value to your home but also add shade and character too!

Sasafrass Tree

The Sasafrass Tree is a fruit tree that has blue-black fruit in late summer. It does best in zones 3 through 9. The Sasafrass Tree does well in full sun or partial shade. The Sasafrass Tree usually grows in fields or along fences. It will grow in a variety of soils as long as they are moist and well drained. The Sasafrass Tree is unique in that it has 3 different shaped leaves on one tree. It has an oval leaf, a 3 pronged leaf, and a mitten shaped leaf. The leaves give out a citrus smell when crushed. The Sasafrass Tree grows to a height of 30 to 60 feet and spreads 25 to 40 feet. The scientific name for the Sasafrass Tree is Sassafras Albidum.

Zone 3-9

Mature Height – 50 – 75 ft tall

Mature Width – 25-30 ft wide

Soil Condition – moist to well drained, sandy

Sunlight – Full sun to partial shade

Ships As – Bareroot Plant

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