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Wild Huckleberry Bush

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Wild Huckleberry Bush, Vaccinium Caespitosum

Wild Huckleberry Bush and huckleberry berries have been around a long time. The fruits on this plant have many different uses such as making jams, jellies, pies and cobblers.  Blueberries and huckleberries are sometimes referred as being from the same species. The huckleberry species have more than 40 types and the most common is the dwarf huckleberry.  The Wild Huckleberry Bush is a great berry bush for Zone 2-7 The Wild Huckleberry Bush has smaller berries and robust in taste

The late summers see the ripening of the berries whose shrubs are small in size and produce pink and white flowers in the spring season. When you have to select the berries make sure that you look for the ones that are dark in color and firm. If you find shriveled berries you can be sure that those are overripe. Use these berries quickly as they tend to get spoiled too easily. They will last for about two days but not more than that.

The huckleberry bush 3 feet bearing age may be the best thing to opt for if you are looking for something to tickle your taste buds. Grow them in your home and get fresh and ripe berries.


USDA Climate Zone: 2-7

Bush Height: 6 feet

Bush Width: 5 feet

Growth/Year: 6 inches

Soil Type: Suitable for a variety of moist soils

Sun: Prefers full sun with partial shade

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